What is High Frequency electrical stimulation?


    The term "high frequency" gets bantered around in medical circles indiscrimately.  If one reads that a "bone healing machine" or a "wound healing machine" or one can "repair tissue and get back to competitive sports" if they use a certain high frequency machine for sports rehab. acceleration of healing, then what are they saying?

     There is no doubt that estim, electrotherapy, can accomplish the above results however it's not certain any form of "high frequency" is what is causing the changes.   Basically in electrotherapy we have a core definition of how our body, specifically nerves, respond to pulses of electricity.   We get lost when we venture too far astray from nerves and guesstimate effects on the cellular level.   Frequency is nothing but "how many times per second is this tens machine, interferential machine, Russian stim machine, pulsed galvanic machine, or muscle stimulator going off and on.   It's nothing more than that. 

     With electrotherapy and nerves the following applies:

1.  C fibers, pain fibers/nerves, respond to 1 - 5 times per second for a machine to go off and on;

2. Motor fibers, muscle nerves, respond to 1 - 38:

3. Sensory fibers, feel something other than pain, 1 - 80.

    Due to physical and chemical restraints a machine going off and on more than that has very little, if any effect on those nerves.  However the use of "high frequency" generally refers to a machine going off and on from 1,000 - 20,000 times per second so what gives?


We Can Assist Purchase Of Infrex Plus If You Can't Afford


     If you are unable to afford the cost of the Infrex we have the following options.   Often you may encounter:

1.  No insurance coverage

2.  Very high deductibles not met

3.  Purchasing for friend or relative out of pocket.

     We offer the following options to help you obtain the Infrex Plus -

1.  Put a $300 security deposit on the Infrex - credit cards accepted, or submit payment

2.  Pay a monthly fee to MedFaxx in the $25 - $100 range depending on your financial situation - you choose and can adjust payments monthly if necessary


   We will ship you the Infrex upon payment of the security deposit for your free trial.  If the Infrex is kept then a payment plan will begin.  If not your security deposit will be refunded to your credit card, minus the $19.00 cost for the electrodes that were supplied for the trial, upon our receipt of the Infrex Plus back.

Can Sciatica Pain Be Cured?


    Sciatica affects so many people and help is elusive.   Patients suffering from sciatic pain often reject the constant use of pain medications simply due to the effects of not being totally functional and being alert.   When only medications are offered as a "cure" the patient often chooses to endure the pain rather than take the meds.  In patient parlance the stopping of meds, the return of sciatica pain, is not a "cure".

   Of course if there is a physical issue such as impinged nerve, slipped lumbar disc, or degenerative disc then one needs to remove the cause of the radiating sciatic pain.   Remove the cause and the pain is gone.   That is a cure.

   However in many situations the sciatica is simply too much stress on the leg with the pain radiating.  The cause of the pain is the poor posture, often occurring due to some form of back pain, and the patient has accommodated the back pain by altering their gait.  Very small shifts of weight, slight angle change of the SI joint, greatly affect stress to the legs.   That additional stress, going on for long time periods, actually causes the sciatic leg pain.



      Bone Growth Stimulators - Is it a wave form or polarity?


     For decades forms of electricity have been applied to the body to make the body heal itself.  Originally the use of electrotherapy was to correct a situation where the body was not healing itself.   One of the first uses for tissue healing was to use what was then called "high voltage" current, applied to non healing wounds or decubitus ulcers.   Wound specialists would apply two electrodes around a wound, or in some situations one electrode in the wound and one out, and turn the unit on for approximately 20 minutes 3x week to get the wound healed.   The claim was the form of electrical current known as "dual peaked spike wave" was the effective form of current.   The high voltage unit did as expected and bed sores started healing when there was sufficient nutrition for the body to heal. 

    Later the simple device called a "tens machine" also helped heal bedsores.   The tens machine had a current, or wave form, known as "biphasic square with a net 0 DC effect".   Not easy to understand is it?  Literally there are Billions of potential wave form varieties and the "game" was on to claim some form of special knowledge that your machine did the "one and only" waveform that worked for the specific conditon of the patient.





    What's the big deal you ask?    Back in the late 70's, early 80's there was a movement in the U.S.  to use tens machines post operatively for pain control.  The most noticeable effect was on patients who had abdominal surgeries, thoractomies, and any procedure where there was a loss of muscle tone in the abdominal area.    The mantra was the use of a tens machine immediately after surgery and,  the incision was sewn,  would help:

1.  reduce pain,

2. decrease need for pain meds,

3. decrease time before rehabilitation exercises like range of motions could resume,

4. reduce pain from bloating, gas.

    There were several problems in trying to get a program started in hospitals.  

 V-254 Wound Lamp Protocols



  Click here for video about this lamp and research.

   The bactericidal UVC light treatment program is an adjunctive therapy for reducing and eliminating bacterial bioburden that can impede wound healing.  This method of treatment is consistent with wound care best practice guidelines.  It is an important modality for cleaning a wound of surface infection where conventional methods have been ineffective.  UVC light is well documented in the medical literature as effective and safe for:

- Combating a developing surface infection
- Infected wounds where poor circulation reduces the effectiveness of systemic antibiotics
- Replacement of topical antibiotics
- Treating antibiotic resistant species such as MRSA

In addition, it has been shown to have beneficial effects for:

Tens Electrode Placement For ACL Surgery


      The use of tens machines for post surgical treatment is being widely used today in the orthopedic surgery area.   The use of a tens machine is generally done as a way to prevent and control pain  follwing trauma to tissue and bones caused by surgery.    The tens unit electrodes are put on the patient while the patient is still unconscious and under anesthesia.   In most cases the electrodes are sterile electrodes,  however since the placement occurs after the wound is sutured it's not necessary to only use sterile electrodes.   This is a general guideline on how to place the electrodes and more importantly why.  

     If the tens machine is being used solely for pain then the electrode placement is not as crucial as it is when the electrical stimulus of the tens unit is being used to facilitate faster healing of the damaged tissues.   We recommend the tens electrode placement include both aspects of post surgery healing, faster healing and less pain.  Electrical stimulation has historically been used to heal non union fractures, non healing decubitus ulcers, and the processes for those type uses is the same one uses for healing tissues following surgery.


Morgellon's Disease Eruptions



Morgellon's disesase is characterized by sores on the surface of the skin, often in the hair, and few available treatments are around. The skin is also characterized by vessel like structures that "thread" under the surface and are readily apparent to the casual viewer of the patient.

The disease itself, with the symptomatic skin changes, often leads to psychological damages to the patient. The patient is aware their condition not only looks bad but others are afraid it may be contagious and therefore avoid the Morgellon's patient. This rejection leads to behavior changes such as isolation, no socialization, depression and loss of will to live. Some patients become so frustrated they contemplate suicide.

The lack of knowledge of the cause of the disease is extremely frustrating to physicians but more so to the patient. When no one can explain why the disease exists and what is the cause the patient becomes frustrated. Not knowing the cause also means not knowing a treatment to halt or reverse the symptoms of Morgellon's.

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